Plants Found At The Farm

I am going to gradually try and record the various plants found around the place here. I am starting with flowering plants that are interesting and not found in abundance.

You can right click on the images and get the full image.

Malva neglecta, Cheeses - Common Mallow

There is a patch of these plants growing in the grass behind an old barn foundation.

Glechoma hederacea, Gill-Over-The_Ground aka creeping charlie

This plant was growing in the grass around the base of a very large cottonwood tree. The tree has blown over leaving a huge exposed root ball. It is very aromatic. When I mow it the smell is very strong.

Polygonatum canaliculatum, Great Solomon's-Seal

There is one patch of this plant along the north fence in a wooded area.

Verbena hastata (l.), Blue Vervain

Found this plant growing by my test pond site.


Erigeron strigosus, Prairie fleabane

Lychnis Alba, Evening Lychnis

 This is found in various places around the farm.

Rose, probably Rosa woodsii 


Several insects were eating on the flowers. This rose was found in the ditch along the road by my place.

Lonicera tatarica, Tartan Honeysuckle


I planted some of this honeysuckle several years ago as a sort of hedge along part of the northern edge of my place. Later I come to find out that it is rather invasive. Birds like the fruits and deposit the seeds everywhere. I really don't want go get rid of the hedge but it is going to be a chore keeping it under control on the rest of the property.

Prunus virginiana, Choke Cherry

There are several of these trees growing here. Birds like the fruits and drop seeds everywhere. It is a bit invasive but it least it is native.

Toxicodendron radicans, Poison Ivy

I have one rather large patch of poison ivy. This plant was growing up a tree in another area. The flowers are not much to look at.


Oxalis a wood sorrel


I have no idea how to figure out just what variety of oxalis. There are a few small patches of this around in the grass.

Oxalis, wood sorrel

Another oxails. This one I only found growing on the north side of my propane tank.

Asclepias syriaca, Common Milkweed

This one is growing in with a patch of  Stella de oro daylillies. I let the milkweed grow in several places for the butterflies.

Solanum dulcamara, Bittersweet nightshade


Spotted a couple of these plants down by the pond site.

Physalis pruinos, Ground cherry


Another nightshade plant.

Barbarea vulgaria, Yellow rocket

Typha angustifolia, Cattail

These are growing in my test pond, soon to be test swamp if I don't dig it out.

Sambucus, Elderberry 

Not sure just which species. I will wait and see what color berries it has. I planted several elderberry bushes a couple of years ago but they all died due to the dry weather. These just showed up in a place I would rather not have them.

Symphyotrichum novae-angliae, New England Aster


 Last year there weren't any asters on the property but there were some in nearby ditches. This year I found them on the property. 

Veronica arvensis Corn Speedwell

This was a tough one to identify. It has a tiny flower only about 2mm across. Likes to grow in the middle of my lane in the gravel.